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LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE, the new horror-anthology produced by Kelly Stewart (One More For The Road) and directed by Navin Ramaswaran, Zach Ramelan and Torin Langen premieres at the Canadian Film Festival on March 26, 2015. Check out the brand new trailer on Fangoria. Reviews HERE.
Director Navin Ramaswaran is nominated for "Best Directing (Drama)" along with Mike Donis and Jason Leaver for Pete Winning And The Pirates at the Indie Series Awards. Congrats to all nominees!
We're currently planning our 2015 grant applications and are seeking cool bands to collaborate with for music videos! Send us your single by EMAILING us a link.
Production on our newest feature CHASING VALENTINE has just wrapped and we're currently in post. Exciting times indeed! Head over to our Official Website and Facebook Page to keep up to date with our progress!
Check out the latest CHASING VALENTINE VIDEO DIARY and keep up to date with our journey making CHASING VALENTINE!
The Director's Cut of our new short flick THE MISFORTUNE OF MADELINE MOODY premiered in 28 Cineplex Odeon screens on Feb 13,2014 across Canada! Our short headlined the excellent Odd Thomas as part of Raven Banner Entertainment's Sinister Cinema Series. This one is the bloodiest film we've ever done thanks to the outstanding practical FX by Sinister Rouge! Thanks to all who attended - you guys rock! Stay tuned for more screenings!
Our critically acclaimed short horror/thriller ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD is currently screening at film fests worldwide. Stay tuned for more screening dates! Meanwhile, check out the awesome reviews by FANGORIA, LAIR OF FILTH, FILM ARMY and TORONTO FILM SCENE. Like our FACEBOOK PAGE and stay up to date with exclusive content! And don't forget to check out the cool TEASER now!
Now available on DVD and Digital Download: NARA
NARA is now also available online at Walmart (USA) via Vudu

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